Why Have A Pop Star Party at Studio Megastar

If you have children and live in Coventry or in the surrounding area and have ever wondered what to do for your child’s birthday party, then Studio Megastar is a perfect option for you.

The POP STAR party is for 20 children and costs £195 (that’s £10 per child) for a 2 hour party.

The first hour is spent in the purposely built green screen TV studio, but don’t worry, no singing skills are required, just dancing and miming.

You pick the songs and the back grounds and our equipment instantly puts the background in the video. The children doing the video can see themselves with the backgound on the monitor and the parents can also see the recording as its happening in the viewing room on another TV whilst having a cup of tea or coffee.

We edit and burn the DVD instantly also for you take home with you so no waiting around.

Then the second hour is then spent in our funky party room.

The party room has 3 fun things to do along with a dining area where we can cater for the 20 children for £50 (£2.50 a head) or you are welcome to bring your own party food.

There is a VIP night club room with an LED dance floor with laser disco lights and music for the kids to dance the party away.

We also have our funky photo booth with free unlimited prints that prints immediately for you and your guests to take away, then finally you have the multi level soft play with the integrated slide.

So if you are looking for a fun party that is totally different, feel free to call us on 02476 712152 and we can check availability.

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