We Only Offer Private Children's Parties! (and this is why)

Here at Studio Megastar we pride ourselves on being Coventry's best children's birthday party venue.

Not only do we offer totally unique parties that are also great value for money, but they are also private for your party only.

So when you book your party here your party doesn't mix with other parties, its a safe clean environment so you can relax.

We offer 2 types of kids birthday parties, the first being a VIP Pop star party (20 children) where you make 2 music videos then play on the soft play, the VIP nightclub room and the photo booth. The second party is the magical party land where you spend the entire 2 hours in the private party room with extended soft play, night club room and photo booth.

Both parties are prices at £195 and you can self cater if you wish or we can provide the party food at £2.50 per head (£50 for the VIP pop star party and £75 for the magical party land party).

Our food consists of:

Platter of sandwiches - Cheese and ham and jam on white and brown bread

Healthy Platter - Carrot sticks, cucumber & cherry tomatoes

Party Platter - Sausage rolls, cocktail sausages and crisps

Sweet Platter - Fairy cakes and party rings

Jugs of Squash - Orange and Blackcurrant.

We also provide all the paper plates and napkins and cups.

So drop us a line on 02476 712 152 if you would like to book a party with us or check us out at www.studiomegastar.co.uk.

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