Allow Your Children to Celebrate in Style with Princess Pamper and Build a Bear Parties

When children have a birthday coming up, it’s an exciting time, and it stands to reason that parents want to give their children the best experience available. However, as easy this sounds in principle, there can be obstacles that make the party-planning process more difficult than it should be.

There can also be instances where those looking to organise a child’s party find it to be a stressful and expensive endeavour and keeping track of different costs that need to be paid can be exhausting.

Fortunately, there are party providers available that can not only offer a series of different experiences for all types of celebrations but also ensures that enjoyable parties don’t have to break the bank.

Studio Megastar has hosted many children’s parties, and its professionalism and experience have ensured that regardless of whether you choose a Princess Pamper Party or a Build a Bear Party, there’s never any chance of the children becoming bored.

Children Can Become a VIP Princess with Their Own Royal Experience

Regardless of whether you’re organising a birthday party for a Disney fan, or for children that just love a choice of activities, then the Princess Pamper Party is for you.

Not only will children be given a series of mini spa treatments that include face masks and a foot spa, but there’s also plenty of options available when it comes to celebrating, which allows young princesses to show off their fabulous new look to their friends.

Princesses can dance the night away in the V.I.P nightclub while the more adventurous can stretch their legs in the soft play area. The night club area is awash with ambient lighting, fun music and comfortable seating which can be used by those wanting to unwind.

The soft play area has a series of different obstacles that can be tackled, including a spiral slide that gets more exciting the more it's used.

There are also plenty of opportunities to capture some memories thanks to the inclusive photo booth, and children are greeted with popcorn and other goodies for the first hour, making the Princess Pamper Party the perfect way to celebrate with style at a cost-affordable price.

The Princess Pamper Party can accommodate a maximum of 14 princesses and pamper party bags can be added to this unique party experience for an additional £2.50 per head.

Children Can Explore Their Creative Side While Having Fun with a Build a Bear Party

Children love to create, especially if it’s something that they can enjoy later, which is why the Build a Bear Party from Studio Megastar continues to be a popular choice for parents searching unique party ideas that aren’t expensive.

The Build a Bear Party package allows children to create their very own bear for the first 40 minutes of the party. The birthday child will be given a large bear, while guests will be given a slightly smaller bear, all of which can be taken home.

This allows children to enjoy their Build a Bear experience long after the celebrations have ended, thanks to them being able to create their own unique cuddly toy that’s unlike anything else available.

The bear building process is easy for children to pick up, and should there be any difficulty along the way, the party host will guide children through the process, so everyone can create and complete their own unique stuffed bear. Once the bear is complete, children will experience the heart ceremony, which will see children name their bear, and receive the bear’s birth certificate.

The Build a Bear Party also allows full use of the dining room, and a cold buffet can be requested if required.

Once children have enjoyed their birthday meal, then they can enjoy some time in the famous party room which hosts the famous V.I.P. nightclub experience and Adventure Soft Play area.

The Build a Bear Party can accommodate up to 20 children, and there a series of additions that allows parents to tailor the party according to their needs, including party bags and sweet cones for a small additional charge.

Why Choose Studio Megastar for Children’s’ Parties?

When trying to organise a children’s party alone, there can be a lot of things to be taken care off, including the DJ, the food and any other entertainment that you may have considered. There can also be times when there is a lack of space for children to really let go and enjoy themselves.

As Studio Megastar is designed exclusively for children, parents can be confident of a safe environment that’s overlooked by seasoned professionals.

Studio Megastar also ensures that the many party packages it offers are affordable, so regardless of whether you choose a Princess Pamper Party or a Build a Bear Party, you can be confident that all aspects of the party can be taken care off for one affordable price.

When booking a party via Studio Megastar, there are options available that allow for an easy party booking where all aspects of the party are taken care off, including the following.






Fun Hosts

A Great Party Atmosphere

Studio Megastar is situated in the heart of the Midlands with Coventry city centre being close by, meaning that those visiting from Rugby, Birmingham and Warwick can also access Studio Megastar by train.

Those that choose to drive to Studio Megastar simply need to follow the signage to take advantage of a large car park.

If you’re looking for an original or unique celebration for your children, or simply need a professional to take the reigns then why not get in touch with Studio Megastar today to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Allowing Studio Megastar to arrange the party celebrations gives parents the opportunity to concentrate other aspects of a child’s birthday, and ensures that parents can enjoy the big day as much as the children.