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Organising kids’ parties from scratch can quickly take its toll on anyone. Kids love it when their parties are centred on fun activities. As such, finding the right combination of play and gadgets is crucial for a successful kid’s party.

While doing so often requires careful planning and probably a little bump in your budget, their smiles on that day will be worth all the troubles, if you are careful enough to give them what they are expecting.

Studio MegaStar makes the process of planning and coming up with fun and exciting kid’s parties more relaxed and friendly on the budget. We have lined up several exciting games for the kids, and you can bring them over.

Now you can give your kids a fun party without putting in all that effort to plan, buy and set up the party from scratch.

Fun packages for kids party at Studio MegaStar

Build a bear party

Kids of all ages love a beautifully set build a bear party, after all a build a bear party empowers them with the opportunity to create their own little furry friends in the company of other kids.

Aside from the fun aspect of building a bear which they get to keep or even gift to their friends, build a bear party is an exciting learning curve for the kids and helps improve their level of analysis and observation.

Our build a bear party offers one of the most exciting activities for a fun party. Plus, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after the party as we already have people in place for that. It’ll be just you and the kids having a good time with no work after.

Build a bear party is fun for kids of all ages, and you can organise it for your charity events, kid’s birthday parties or a day outing.

Soft play party

Kid’s parties are a world apart from adult’s parties. While adults tend to prefer a more relaxed atmosphere for parties, kids love to run around and move things.

Their parties are filled with energy and enthusiasm. Soft play parties provide the best avenue for them to let out this energy without any fear of breaking anything.

Our soft play parties offer some of the most exciting gadgets and safe environments for kids to run, walk and crawl through without any care in the world.

The avenue features exciting tunnel crawling, gliding tunnels, bounce houses, obstacle courses and lots more.

Soft play parties will not only provide an exciting environment for your kids to play in, but it will also hone their skills and improve communication skills with other kids. Physical exercises and strength building are other significant benefits of a soft play party for kids.

Laser tag parties

Laser tag parties are the best entertainment package for the energetic kids and bound to provide a fun day for the kids.

Give the kids a chance to compete in a non-harmful shooting game with other kids or even fun a tag team with their best friends to face other kids.

Organising a fun party for your kids shouldn’t take the fun out of the day for you and them. Neither should it cost you a mountain to set it up. Studio MegaStar makes it possible to organise the most exciting parties for the kids at no extra cost for you.

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