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How many different parties do you provide?

We offer 4 different parties:


Option 1 - Ultimate Pop Star Party (1 hour 30 minutes) - From £164 up to 20 children

Option 2 - Magical Party Land Hire (1 hour 30 mins) - From £164 up to 20 children

Option 3 - Character Party (1 hour 30 minutes) - From £164 up to 20 children

Option 4 - Sleep Over Party for all ages including adults (12 hours) - £40 per head (min 10 guests)

What facilities do you have at Studio Megastar?

TV recording studio with:

Green Screen Room

Recording Room

Adults Viewing Room

Pop Star Party Room with:

Multi-level soft play with integrated slide
Exclusive VIP Nightclub room
Free Unlimited Photo booth
Dining area
High chairs for babies/toddlers

Magical Party Room with:

Multi-level soft play with integrated slide, baby section & ball pit
Exclusive VIP Nightclub room
Free Unlimited Photo booth 

Carousel Ride

Adult area with TV and coffee machine
Dining area
High chairs for babies/toddlers

The photobooth, air hockey table & carousel are not included in the room cost and are free extras. If for any reason these facilities are not available you agree and accept that there is no refund due. 


I have booked my Party, do you have invites?

Please use this link and print them, click here

How many people can I bring to my party?

You can bring up to 20 for the VIP Pop star party, and 20 for the Magical Party Land, & up to 20  ( 10 included in minimum price) for the Sleep Over Party. We suggest a maximum of 5 adults for the Pop Star, and 8 adults for the Magical Party Land. Adults not included in numbers unless its an adult sleep over party.


Can I provide my own party food?

Yes you can, we charge a £10 self catering charge or we can provide a buffet for you at a extra cost.


Our buffet consists of:


Platter of sandwiches - Cheese, ham and jam on white and brown bread

Party Platter - Sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, chicken nuggets, pizza and crisps

Healthy Platter - Carrot sticks & cucumber

Sweet Platter - Fairy cakes and party rings

Jugs of Squash - Orange and Blackcurrant


We also provide all the paper plates, napkins and cups.


Is there car parking available?

Customers are asked to park in the Arches Car Park at the weekends (around 100 metres from the entrance of the estate on the right hand side, through the barrier. For all week day parties/pay & play customers may park in our Car Park next to Studio Megastar or outside of the venue on the yellow lines. Permits available on the day and must be displayed in your window.

What time should I arrive?

You may arrive up to 10 minutes prior to your party. If you arrive earlier than this you may be asked to wait outside during busy times as our staff need time to prepare the room for you. We have waiting areas for guests so we will ensure you as the booking customer go through to the room first.

When will I receive my images from the photo booth?

All photos will print instantly during the party. If for any reason we cannot print photos on the day, we will email them to you via 'WeTransfer' or send the copies in the post the following week.

What are your opening hours?

Please note that our office opening hours for all party enquiries & bookings are Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.00. We host parties 7 days a week including bank holidays and school holidays.

What is your payment policy?

We require a non refundable £50 deposit for day time parties and £200 deposit for all sleep over parties. You are welcome to split the remaining payment to suit your budget. Your remaining balance must be cleared 10 days prior to your booking or 1 calendar month for Sleepover parties. We reserve the right to cancel a party if payment is not made within these terms.


You will receive a reminder text regarding final payment. If you'd prefer to pay before please call us on 02476 712152. 

Can I bring a cake and decorations?

Yes, please bring the birthday cake along on the day. You may bring balloons or banners although there is a lot going on in our rooms so don't worry too much. Please note party poppers are not permitted due to health & safety reasons.

Relating to the Pop Star Party

Will I receive my DVD on the day?

We aim to burn the DVD for you at the time of the party so you have it ready to take home on the day. If this is not possible for any reason, we will post it to you first class.


Can I wear anything?

Yes anything you like, even fancy dress! But no green clothing is allowed as this will interfere with the background when attending the VIP pop star party.

How many people can be in the studio at one time?

The music shoot is for up to a maximum of 20 people at any one time. For children’s parties, children must be accompanied by an adult, we suggest 10 adults maximum and that you arrange pick up from wherever suits you for other parents. There is a viewing room where adults can relax and watch the children in the studio, we have a Hot Drinks machine installed so that you can purchase Tea, Coffee & Hot Chocolate.


Will I have to sing?
There is no singing required, just dance along and mime to your chosen track!


Do you provide a choreographer?

A Professional Choreographer will not be present, however, our staff are on hand to help, supervise and guide the children. We advise practicing a routine before hand so you have some idea of what you want your video to be like.

You as the host of the party are responsible for the choice of the songs and we are not held accountable if your song choice has exploit words or sexual references. 

Relating to the Sleepover Party

Can we provide our own music for sleepover parties?

Yes, please bring this on a phone or iPod that can be connected directly to our speakers via an AUX cable. You must bring the necessary adapter to connect to a standard AUX lead. If not, we have our own music. 

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